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Court says ordinance on interfering with police is too broad

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Carson City Sheriff Kenny FurlongBy Cy Ryan (contact)
CARSON CITY — The Nevada Supreme Court has ruled that a Carson City ordinance that prevents people from interfering with an officer making an arrest is unconstitutional because it is too broad.

In a 5-2 decision today, the court overturned the conviction of William A. Scott on a misdemeanor charge of hindering or obstructing an officer in making an arrest, according to court records.

In February 2014, Scott was a passenger in a car that was stopped for allegedly running a stop sign. The officer said he smelled alcohol and asked the driver if he would consent to an alcohol test, according to court records.

Scott interrupted the officer several times and told the driver he didn’t have to do anything the deputy suggested, according to records.

Scott was then arrested for hindering the officer from doing his duty, according to the court records. He was…

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Kill Tatro: You Will Die

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Corrupt “Judge” Tatro the child molesting judge has a long list people who want him dead.

Carson City DA Jason Woodbury explains DNA warrant

Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury spoke Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 about a rare step the agency is taking to identify and prosecute a suspect. A DNA warrant, which identifies the accused using the fictitious name “John Doe” together with the accused’s DNA profile, is rare. The measure is being used to help investigators solve the case of threats made against a Carson City judge and his wife in which shots were fired into his home in December 2012.

Carson City area law enforcement officials and the Carson City District Attorney announced Friday the issuance of a DNA arrest warrant for the shooter who fired bullets into the home of Carson City Judge John Tatro and his wife in December 2012.

Sheriff Ken Furlong who sucks…

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7th Amendment protest goes off at the Reno Federal Court – Ty Robben proclaims summary judgment unconstitutional

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Today Friday August 14th 2015 Ty Robben and Mike Weston along with some friends made that statement that the use of Summary Judgment is unconstitutional and a violation of the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution that guarantees the right to a civil jury trial.

I would like to thank the Courthouse security “Homeland Security” for being professional and “keeping us safe”! says Robben who also thanks the Reno Police Department who were on hand for what turned out to be a very, very casual protest. We didn’t chalk the sidewalks even though we could have said Robben who said he will continue the “peaceful protest” and hopes other join him in solidarity. After all, an injustice to one is an injustice to all. 

  • If you live near Reno, Nevada we will be doing more protests in front of both the Reno Federal Court and the Washoe Courthouse on Sierra…

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New website – Carson City Movement against Corruption

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

See it here:

They featured the “Judge” Tatro story:

Does Carson City Judge John Tatro really have Domestic Violence and DUI convictions? We will ask the questions and have the local media ask the…

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Corrupt Carson City DA Neil Rombardo and his butt-buddy Mark Krueger denied judgeship in Douglas County!!!

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Three Finalists Selected For Opening In Ninth Judicial District

neil-rombardo1The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection today named three nominees to fill an open seat in the Ninth Judicial District Court, Department 2, made vacant by the selection of Judge Michael Gibbons to the Nevada Court of Appeals.

The nominees were selected following interviews by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection February 24 and 25 in Carson City. The names and applications of the finalists have been sent to Governor Brian Sandoval, who will appoint a new judge from the list.

The Commission’s three nominees for the open seat, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Thomas W. Gregory, 45, Genoa, Douglas County District Attorney’s Office
  • Douglas R. Rands, 56, Reno, Rands, South and Gardner
  • David F. Sarnowski, 62, Carson City, Carson City Justice and Municipal Court

A total of 13 attorneys submitted applications for the vacancy. Applicants had to be Nevada attorneys with…

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Greetings Ms. Sweet: I strongly oppose both Neil Rombardo and Mark Krueger for Eighth Judicial District Court Judge based on the following:

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

NACE President Steve Tuttle presents the Star Award to State Court Administrator Robin Sweet in Carson City. Photo Courtesy of David Gordon, Judicial Education, Supreme Court AOC.

douglas county district court judge Douglas county district court

A total of 13 lawyers have applied for the Ninth Judicial District seat vacated by Michael Gibbons.

Gibbons left the post after being named to the newly-created Intermediate Appellate Court.

The list of applicants includes several well known lawyers from the Carson-Douglas area including former SCANDALOUS Carson District Attorney Neil Rombardo and his CORRUPT Assistant DA Mark Krueger.

bad judgeAlso on the list is former director of the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, former head of the state Ethics Commission.

The appointment is open to all Nevada lawyers with at least two years residency in the state and 10 years of legal experience.

The others who applied are Deputy AG Andrea Barraclough, Evan Beavers of the state Business…

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The new Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury has “black-mail” power over the Carson City court by knowing about various criminal” complaints on the various judges (Tatro, Wilson) and by using this said “power” Jason Woodbury “controls” these judges under the threat of being “prosecuted” for their “crimes”


jason woodbury

jason woodbury

The new Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury has “black-male” power over the Carson City court by knowing about various criminal” complaints on the various judges (Tatro, Wilson) and by using this said “black-mail power” Jason Woodbury “controls” these judges under the threat of being “prosecuted” for their “crimes”. judge tatro

Woodbury can also black-mail the Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong for his “crimes”.  Sheriff Kenny Furlong and his deputies and detectives like Dan Gomes committed crimes by conspiring with Judge John Tatro…

See more here: All “Trumped up” charges against Nevada ANTI-Corruption leader and blogger Ty Robben “dismissed”.

and here:  KRNV – Server says NDOT director avoided subpoena, ran over foot

For instance, Judge Tatro filed false criminal complaints against Ty Robben which were all dismissed. “Judge” Tatro should be charged with filing a “false Sheriff Report”.

Judge James E. Wilson back-dated court documents as covered by KRNV news, “Judge” Wilson should be charged for backdating legal documents.